Wednesday, August 26, 2009

A Day In Ogden Canyon With The Girls

I wanted to share a few photos from the Ogden Valley Balloon Festival.

The girls and I headed out at 5:30 am to watch the spectacular balloon lift off. It was nothing less then magical being surrounded by the giant brightly colored balloons as they took off just after sunrise. One woman walking by me mentioned to her friend, "I can feel my blood pressure decreasing just watching the balloons float away."

After the balloon festival we went exploring Ogden Canyon for a diner or somewhere to eat breakfast. The first place we happened upon was The Mad Moose where we stopped for Coffee and Huckleberry Ice Cream.

Next we traveled to The Oaks, a quaint diner in the canyon. When we pulled up the parking lot was so full we did not think we would be able to get a table. Once we entered the outdoor seating area we were pleasantly surprised to find tables available. Each table was separated by foliage. It felt like we had our own private dining room nestled between beautiful flowers and trees right on the edge of the Ogden Canyon River.

On the way out of Ogden canyon we spotted a beautiful waterfall.

Our next stop was the Mount Benedict Monastery. We walked around the serene grounds, went shopping in the gift shop, and waited for the monks to chant at 12:15 pm.

As we were heading home we spotted some of the most unusual cows. Upon further investigation we discovered that they were not real.

We had a long exciting adventurous day :)